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Peanut Butter Pie

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Peanut Butter Pie


If your man likes peanut butter, and you like your man, surprise him with this on Valentine’s Day, his birthday, whenever.





  • 9” graham cracker or vanilla wafer crust (make or buy)
  •  8 oz cream cheese, softened (blend by itself first
  • ½ c. milk
  •  1 c. powdered sugar
  • ½ tsp vanilla
  • ½ c. peanut butter
  •  8 oz cool whip
  • hot fudge topping (optional)



Combine all except cool whip and fudge. Mix till smooth; fold in cool whip by hand. 

Pour into crust. Freeze at least a couple hours before serving; store in freezer. 

Serve with hot fudge on top if desired. I’ve also poured the fudge onto the crust to make a bottom layer before putting the other stuff in. 


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